Video over IP Reference Design

The migration to IP-based infrastructures is complicated as industry standards are in a state-of-flux, which in turn puts pressure on equipment manufacturers to implement these emerging standards. Our comprehensive platform combining hardware-validated IP, reference designs and systems integration services, eases the development of your equipment and adds the latest video over IP capabilities to your products.

Video over IP with JPEG2000 Reference Design

The off-the-shelve available SDI-to-Ethernet design is able to support up to four SD/HD-SDI streams (JPEG2000 or uncompressed) in a single FPGA. The Video Platform runs Xilinx SMPTE2022-5/6 LogiCORE™ IP cores to implement multi-channel High Bit Rate Media Transport over IP Networks at 10Gb with Forward Error Correction.

A JPEG2000 compressed video path is guaranteed by Barco Silex JPEG2000 high quality codec and Xilinx SMPTE2022-1/2 LogiCORE™ IP cores for Real-Time Video Transport Over IP at 1Gb.

The reference design runs on the KC705 board and can easily be customized and integrated into your design.


Accelerated productivity

  • Ready-to-use (full or part of the design)
  • Easy to customize and integrate
  • Support of SMPTE2022-1,2,5,6 standard
  • Single-chip

Uncompressed or JPEG2000

High performance

  • High resolution: SD/HD/3G-SDI
  • High frame rate: up to 60 fps
  • Flexible solution: multi-channel support, low latency, low resource usage