Security and cryptography IP cores

Providing the world’s most performing crypto-engines to our customers, while making embedded security implementations easier and more flexible than ever before, is what our engineers take pride of.

We have developed unique crypto engines, which provide both unrivalled performance and scalable reconfiguration capabilities optimized to your application, requirements, and technology constraints.  

These innovative and break-through architectures are the result of strong foundations.

  • Encryption and embedded security expertise through the realization of several projects for market leaders and dedicated R&D in encryption and security.
  • Longstanding experience in state-of-the-art ASIC, System-on-Chip and FPGA design, where smart design and algorithm implementation is key for optimized performance and minimal silicon cost.

Our crypto family

Public Key crypto engine (RSA, ECDSA…) BA414E
AES multi-purpose crypto engine (ECB, CTR, CBC/CMAC, OFB, CFB…) BA411E-FLEX
AES GCM 10 to 100 Gbps (Networking, MACsec, storage…) BA415
AES CCM crypto engine (Wireless, IPsec…) BA411E-CCM
AES XTS crypto engine (Disk Storage…) BA411E-XTS
Random Number Generator BA431
HASH core BA413
3-DES core BA412

Key benefits

  • Highly pipe-lined and optimized architectures generating the fastest and smallest solutions on the market
  • Granular scalability and portability make our cores predictable and optimized (performance, feature set and area) for any requirement and on any technology: ASIC, Microsemi, Altera, Xilinx
  • Best trade-off performance/area for a large range of applications
  • Easy upgrade path to new requirements and technology
  • Easy-to-use solutions with optional features and suitable interfaces (DMA, FIFO, APB, AXI-4)
  • 100% CPU offload solutions
  • Complete verification suite available – Self-checking test bench
  • Figures available on request for any configuration and technology
  • Quick netlist generation and validation
  • Silicon proven solutions

Business Model

We are glad to propose a smooth and attractive business model in line with the advantages of our solutions:

  • Evaluation and generation processes are shorten, reducing costs
  • Risks due to customization and non-predictability are minimized
  • No waste of time and money for next re-use, re-target or upgrade. Next implementations will be issued from the same RTL root


Download our Security and Cryptography brochure that presents our solutions and IP cores.