An innovative family of crypto engines covering a large range of applications

Capitalizing on its silicon-proven experience with cryptography and security hardware processing, Barco Silex is sharing its strong expertise in ASIC, System-on-Chip and FPGA design and its experience as IP integrator and developer by offering innovative and cost-efficient solutions for embedded security.

Our crypto family

Public Key crypto engine (RSA, ECDSA, …) BA414E
AES crypto engine (GCM, CCM, XTS, ...) BA411E
3-DES core BA412
HASH core BA413
True Random Number Generator BA431
Prime Random Number Generator PRNG

Key benefits

  • Scalability and portability make our cores predictable (performance and area) on any technology: ASIC, Actel, Altera, Xilinx
  • Best trade-off performance/area for a large range of applications
  • Highly pipe-lined and optimized architectures generating the fastest and smallest solutions on the market
  • Figures available on request for any configuration and technology
  • Easy-to-use solutions with optional features and suitable interfaces (DMA, FIFO, APB, AXI-4)
  • 100% CPU offload Solutions
  • Complete verification Suite available – Self-checking test bench
  • Quick netlist generation and validation at the lowest price
  • Silicon proven solutions

Market trends

The need of security in embedded systems is constantly growing.

The encrypt/decrypt process that secures connected devices is often performed in the data flow. The need for high-performance solutions is thus constantly growing while power constraints are more and more severe, especially for mobile applications.

Public Key cryptography is mainly used for digital signature and key exchange protocols. Based on complex arithmetic operations on large numbers, Public K ey cryptography like RSA is a very compute-intensive process that consumes a lot of CPU resources in security systems. Without any doubt, hardware acceleration is the right way to overcome these issues.

Our commitment

  • Addressing the well-known challenges of the IP business
  • Guaranteeing quality, predictability and time-to-market

Business model

We are glad to propose a smooth and attractive business model in line with the advantages of our solutions:

  • Evaluation and generation processes are shorten, reducing costs
  • Risks due to customization and non-predictability are minimized
  • No waste of time and money for next re-use, re-target or upgrade. Next implementation will be issued from the same RTL root

Easy key

An innovative family of crypto engines by Barco Silex.